from Woodlands Primary and St Marks Primary Schools


from Woodlands Primary School

They chose (in May 2013) the following (how many are new to you?):

  • Clappy (or in some areas, Clabbie) doo - a large black mussel - but used to describe metaphorically 'someone with a big mouth'
  • Balshie - wet and windy weather
  • Fankle - a badly-coiled rope
  • Timmerman - a ship's carpenter
  • Foonert - freezing cold
  • Kelpie - a spirit that lives in sea lochs or rivers
  • Dreich - wet and miserable weather
  • Auld wives an' pike-staves – the Scots version of 'raining cats and dogs'


from St. Marks Primary School

P5 chose these words in May 2013:

Relating to Water and the Sea:

dreich, drookit, burn, smirr, watter, wellies, snell, chucky stanes, dook, dookers, dreep, kelpie, selkie, smokie, skiddle, slever, dubs, brig, drap, soaking, haar, winkle, boggin, cleek-anchor, clink, coble, cowdle, creel, firth, godsend, guddle, gutter, lum, Clyde Puffer, scaff, snigger, tarry breeks, wherry, wrath and waith, blue men of the minch

Other words:

stank, besom, bletherin, simmit, sleekit, crabbit, braw, ca' canny, chookie, disnae, ocht, oot, oxter, oose, fitba, wuman, roastin, jelli-jars, widnae, pokey-hat, wheesht, cannae, widye, whit e daeing, gid, ken, manky, minging, mawkit, bonnie, beelin, aye, ginger, chippy, cauld.


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