The Carter and his Horse (in preparation)

Woodlands Primary School


The Carter and his HorseThis statue, by David Annand, stands on Irvine Harbourside, where - in the years before the dredging of the Clyde led to the growth of Glasgow - carters plied their trade, transporting goods from sea-going ships for distribution throughout Ayrshire and the West of Scotland.

It was unveiled in 1996 by Captain Sandy Muir & Maurice Crichton, Chairman of Irvine Development Corporation.


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A song written by P6 Woodlands Primary School in 2006
with a little help from Billy Stewart from The New Makars Trust



1. There is a boat riding low by the Irvine harbour wall
She’s weighed down by the cargo that is resting in her hold
Is it spices fae the Indies, is it cloth with thread of gold,
Makes nae difference for the Carters will be there

We’re the Carters of Irvine and we tramp the country roon
Hauling goods fae Irvine tae the merchants of the toons
We cart loads fae the big ships and bring loads back again
So the name of Irvine’s Carters will remain

2. Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter on them you can depend
If there’s ships to be unloaded then the Carters will be sent
Though the sun be burning brightly or the snow be on the wind
Makes nae difference for the Carters will be there

3. Their mighty Clydesdale horses carried cargo on their backs
Fae Irvine up tae Glasgow along the old dirt tracks
The Carters they would lead them through weather fair or black
Makes nae difference for the Carters will be there

4. At Marymass each year the Carters still are seen
And they take pride tae ride beside the bonnie Irvine Queen
And not a van or motor car or lorry will be seen
Only Carters and their horses will be there


Words: P6 Woodlands Primary (2006) and Billy Stewart
Music: Billy Stewart

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