Bailie John Johnston, 1878-1965

'Johnny Johnston', born at 14 Cotton Row (now Ballot Road), a plumber by trade, and a man of radical views, was elected to the Council of the Royal Burgh in the pre-war period, and became Burgh Treasurer after it.

His sustained efforts over the years later won him the proud nickname of 'Mr Marymass'. He was one of the five, led by Capt James Sloan, who in 1925 proposed a 'Marymass Queen' - Mary Queen of Scots came into the celebrations in 1928, with Martha McHarg as the first Marymass Queen. John Johnston was honoured with a burgess ticket - freedom of the burgh - in 1963.

He lived on Fullarton Street, about where Doon and Garnock Court stand today. His birth year was 1878 (not 1876 as stated in another source) - of his 87 years, he was 67 years a member of the Irvine Carters Society.

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