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Only the south side is pictured - most of the north side is modern. Only publicly-available information will be included.

Watch the YouTube 'short' on James Montgomery featuring members of Fullarton Youth Project.

This street, originally called "the Lang Calsay" [= causeway, i.e. street], was for long named the 'Halfway', the "way to the sea" (Scots 'haaf' = the open sea) - it was laid out in about 1677 to link the town to its new harbour. The Council renamed it Montgomery Street in 1882 to commemorate the birth, at no.26, of James Montgomery, the 'Christian poet', journalist and social reformer. The section east of the railway was cleared in 1972 for the new shopping centre. This page features the existing section, from the railway station (of 1839) to the start of Harbour Street, described separately.

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"Beyond the railway, engineers and chemical workers predominated." (Murchland, 'Irvine Post Office Directory', 1908)

Source for 1935: 'North Ayrshire Directory, 1935-37', published by the Ayr Advertiser, 1935

#78: A modern block.
Residents, 1935: Joseph Brown, labourer, John Gemmell, labourer. James Graham, labourer, Margaret Milligan, widow

#80-84: Vanilla Joe's ice-cream parlour (the Best Gelateria in the 2015 Scottish Italian Awards) is no.80, and Grassroots no.84, with no.82 between.
#80: Resident, 1935: Mrs Elizabeth Paterson
#82: Residents, 1935: James Clydesdale, labourer, George McKie, labourer, Daniel Paterson, fisherman
#84: Resident, 1935: James A Livingstone, newsagent

#86: The Harbourside Hotel. Built in 1890, it served as the offices of The Fleeting Organisation before being converted into a hotel.
Residents, 1935: Robert Alexander, joiner, Alexander Burns, hammerman, Donald Campbell, joiner, John Gibb, machineman, Robert B Montgomery, engineer, Alexander Smith, forger

#88: 'Heritage Court', a modern block of apartments.

#88: Resident, 1935: "88 & 90" James Elliot, labourer

#90: Residents, 1935: Samuel Elliot, labourer, David R C Hay, surfaceman

Resident, 1935: "92 and 94": Joseph Howe, labourer

Residents, 1935: "96-98": Laird & Son Ltd, engineers ('Tel. 4'), Archibald Green, timekeeper

Resident, 1935: James A Paterson, manager

#102: Currently the Crystal Garden Take-away
Resident, 1935: Mrs Jane Shedden, baker

#104: Resident, 1935: F W Oebel, shoemaker

#106: Currently the Old Town Cafe
Resident, 1935: John Doole, miner, Donald McPherson, hairdresser

#108-110: The 1950s factory of the Iona Hosiery Manufacturing Co., sole partner Andrew Malcolm, was converted into 11 workshop units. The earlier cottage(s) would have been demolished for the factory entrance.
#108: Resident, 1935: Hugh Brown, labourer, William McGuire, riveter, Mrs S Simpson, widow
#110: Resident, 1935: Mrs Mary McAllister, widow

#112: Currently Nancy's Cafe
Resident, 1935: John McMinn, joiner

#114: Currently The Roll Shop
Residents, 1935: Mrs M Abercrombie, widow; James Cairney, miner, William Laidlaw, gardener

Residents, 1935: Henry Bennet, labourer; Bernard Duffy, labourer; Hugh Elliot, labourer, A K McDougall, patternmaker, James McKie, hosiery worker, Theo Whiteside, labourer

Resident, 1935: Robert King, contractor

#120: Residents, 1935: Neil Bryden, sawyer; William Cairns, gardener, Robert Gibb, machinist, James F Lancaster, glass worker, Robert Neil, clerk
#122: Residents, 1935: Matthew Barr, clerk; Thomas Cameron, seaman; David Cooper, miner, William Gooding, engineer, Frank McLaughlin, butcher, Robert McLaren, driver
#124: Residents, 1935: John Brash, smith; Hugh Finnegan, motor driver, Alexander Gray, driver, John T McCulloch, riveter, Alexander McKelvie, plumber, Jeanie Munro, widow

#126: A modern building. This property, marked as owned by Mrs Allan in 1819 (Wood's Town Plan), was a timber yard by 1896, with an extra building on it by 1938, possibly that used by the Scouts, as this was the address, in 1935, for"1st Ayr Troop Boy Scouts, per M W Breckenridge".

#103-105: The older block on the north side

#111: The detached house on the north side, opposite the entry to Montgomery Place.


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