Project updates, and how you can help

The project started in 2013 with the installation of blue plaques honouring eleven individuals who contributed to the heritage of the harbour. Since then there has been much more . .

April 2017

  • Steady updating of the site has continued.
  • The site now highlights the harbour-facing businesses along Montgomery & Harbour Streets.
  • The "Irvine Harbourside" book will be published in May and distributed in June.

February 2017

  • Steady updating of the site has continued.
  • Expect more news by Easter.

Spring 2016

  • Our new information signs are now in place - photos to follow.
  • The valuation Roll 1930 data has now been added to our Harbour Street story.

Aug.-Nov. 2015

April-July 2015

December 2014

November 2014

  • Above: mid-Feb 2010:
    ice in the harbour - not a common sight! (click to enlarge)
  • more photos, on several pages, many now with 'click to enlarge' options like the one on the right here (though still lots to come) - most clicked photos will open in a separate window

October 2014 (click the links for easy access):

August 2014:

  • Harbourside project display panels in the Maritime Museum (Puffers cafe section) on and after Marymass Fourth Port Festival Saturday

May 2014 (click the links for easy access):

April 2014 (click the links for easy access):

March 2014 (click the links for easy access):

The project team is itself adding information in an effort to document more than was done in the past - see the right-most menu option - Resources -for a growing number of items.

Other schools are completing topics and also contributing to a list of Scots words, many with a seafaring relevance.

Fullarton Youth Group are preparing a video on James Montgomery.

Volunteers are now needed. Please consider volunteering to:

  •  lead a guided walk (small groups only) in the better weather - we'll give training. Enjoy telling others about the harbourside - and learn more yourself as you do it.
  •  check a website page, report any typos or errors, and send in suggestions on changes or extra information. Any text has typos, and any research needs checkers.

Email us at or use our contact form.

The Heritage Lottery Award is the stepping stone to research and celebration of the people and the industries of what was once a major port. Enjoy the items on this site. You can be part of helping the harbourside to gain recognition and you can help to bring it alive again, this time as a cultural tourist destination.


Irvine Dragon Boat Challenge


The first-ever Dragon Boat Racing in the harbour attracted participants and spectators alike, in August 2013, and was repeated in 2014 and in 2015, again at the Fourth Port Festival during Marymass. You can view the videos on our Dragon Boat pages.
Unfortunately, team numbers + a need for new organisers led to no Challenge in 2016.

The positive: over 3 years, about 500 different people raised approx. £25,000 for charity.
It's not a heritage item - ! - but without doubt one that drew attention to what the harbour has to offer.


August, 2012

Some photographs from the Marymass Fourth Port Festival. Click any photograph for the larger version.



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